Monday, 15 July 2013

{CYDIA} IOS 6 Compatible Tweaks and Apps

This is a list of apps and tweaks that are compatible with iOS 6.0+
App, Tweak Compatibility Note
    360 Yes
    140+ for Twitter Yes
    20 Second Lockscreen Yes
    3G Unrestrictor Yes
    3G Unrestrictor 5 Yes
    Accelerate Yes
    AccountChanger Yes
    Action Menu Yes
    ActionBoard Semiworking Only some things work
    ActionSlider Yes
    Activator Yes
    Activoice Yes
    AdBlock No App crashes
    AdBlocker Yes
    Aero No Multitasking causes safe mode
    Aicon Yes
    Airblue Sharing No Share option has no use. Does not send or receive files.
    AllMail Yes
    Andriodlock XT Yes
    Android Delete Yes
    Android Recent Apps No
    Anicons No
    Animate Semiworking Causes safe mode until respring
    AnimateAll Yes
    AnimateAll HD Yes
    AnimateBattery Yes
    AntiTint Yes
    AnyLockApp No
    Anyring Yes
    App Stat No
    App Switcher Brightness Yes
    AppAnalytics No Opens but shows no data.
    AppCent Yes
    AppInfo Yes
    Applist Yes
    Applocker No
    AppsCenter for NC No Stuck in tethered boot.
    AppSize Yes
    appslide No Crashes to springboard.
    AppSlider No Causes safe mode when selecting app.
    Appstore Update Size Yes
    AppUpdateNotifier Yes
    Aptdate Yes
    AquaBoard - Water Effects Yes
    ArrangeStatusBar Yes
    Artist Switcher No Causes safe mode
    AskToCall Yes
    AskToSend Yes
    AttacherPro Yes
    AudioExplorer Yes
    Australian BOM Weather+ Yes
    Autolock SBSettings Yes
    Auxo Yes
    AwesomeQuickMessages No Slide reply+exit message causes boot loop.
    BackBoard No No effect.
    BackForwardEnhancer Yes
    Backgrounder No Causes safe mode.
    BadgeClear No 
    BannerBorders Yes
    Barrel Yes
    Bars No
    BatteryDetective   Yes
    BatteryDoctorPro Yes
    BatteryInfo fo NC Yes
    BatteryShower Yes
    BattSaver No Cause safe mode.
    BeeKeyboard Yes
    Better Lockscreen Camera No Nothing changes.
    Better Switcher Position Yes
    Bigify Yes
    Bigify+ Yes
    biteSMS Yes
    BlurriedNCBackground Semiworking
    Bolt Yes
    Booksstand Yes
    BossPaper No Crashes to springboard.
    BounceLock Yes
    Bridge Semiworking Allows import but either reboots, resprings, or crashes
    Brightness Switcher No
    BrightVol Yes
    Browseinapp Yes
    Browser Changer Yes
    BrowserChooser No Causes safe mode when tapping in
    BTC Mouse and Trackpad Yes
    Bugfix Duplicate Icons Yes
    BugFix Stuckpages Yes
    Bulletin Yes
    BytaFont Yes
    Call Blocker Yes
    Call Counter Yes
    Call Delete No
    CallBar Yes
    CallLock Semiworking
    CameraButtons Yes
    CameraConnector Yes
    CameraTweak Yes
    CardSwitcher No
    Cascade Yes
    CleanStatus No Safe mode when installing. Respring loop when using.
    ClearLockNotifications Yes
    ClearSpotlight No
    CleverPin Yes
    Clips Yes
    Clockify No
    Color Keyboard Yes
    Color Mail Labels No No effect
    ColoredKnob Yes
    confirmSMS Yes
    Copic No Asks for activation.
    CoverMeNot No No effect.
    CrashReporter Yes
    CustomGrid Yes
    CustomGrid free No
    Cydelete No Safe mode when deleting an app with it.
    Cydget No Depends iOS <5.2
    CyDialer No Requires Cydget
    Cyntact Yes
    Dash No No effect
    Dashboard x Yes
    Data Counter Yes
    Data Usage SBSettings Yes
    Dater Semiworking Crashes settings when clicking the preference.
    Deck Yes
    Deerane Yes
    DeleteAllContacts Yes
    DeleteMail Yes
    DeviceInfo Yes
    DictGoogle Yes
    DietBar Yes
    Direct Closer No Causes safe mode upon double tapping home.
    Direct Closer Pro No
    Disable MultiTasking No No effect
    disable uninstall Yes
    Disable Voice Control No No effect
    DisplayCandy No No effect
    DisplayRecorder Yes
    Dock Yes
    Double At Yes
    DoubleDock Yes
    Download to NewsStand Yes
    Dreamboard Yes
    EasyFindOnPage No Crashes safari.
    EnhancedTabs Yes
    Erica Utilities Yes
    Esra Yes
    F.lux Yes
    Facebook for Action Menu Yes
    FaceSlideR Yes
    Fake Kernel Panic No No effect.
    FakeCarrier Yes
    Fakeclockup Yes
    Fast Copy Yes
    Firewall iP Yes
    Five Icon Dock Yes
    Five Icon Folder Semiworking
    Five Icon Switcher Yes
    Five-Column Springboard Yes
    FlagPaint No No effect.
    FlashCam No When tapping an option causes safe mode.
    FlashCustomize No No effect.
    Flashlight Yes
    Flowtation Yes
    FMFLive Yes
    FMFunlocker Yes
    FolderCloser Yes
    FolderEnhancer Yes
    FolderIcons No
    FolderLock No Causes reboot loop.
    FoldMusic No
    FontSwap No No effect.
    Forecast Yes
    FullScreen for Safari Yes
    Giffy Yes
    Gpower pro Semiworking
    GPower Pro Yes
    gpsPhone Yes
    GrabberApp No Safe mode when attempting to open app from lockscreen.
    Grafiti No Predepends iOS <6.0.
    Graviboard No
    GravityLockScreen Yes
    Gridlock No Causes safe made.
    GridTab for Safari No Makes safari crash.
    Grooveshark Yes
    GroupRinger Yes
    GroupRinger Lite Yes
    GrowlNotifier No Causes safe mode.
    GuizmoDNS Yes
    HandcentSMS Yes
    HapticPro Yes
    HDREnabler No Crashes camera app.
    HomeScreen Contacts No
    Homescreen Settings No Causes safe mode when tapping add to homescreen.
    HomeSpringPage No No effect
    iApFreeing Yes
    iApFree v3.2.1 Yes
    iBlacklist Yes
    iBlank Yes
    iCaughtU No Causes reboot loop.
    iCleaner Yes
    iColorizeLabel No No effect.
    Icon Renamer Yes
    IconMaker Yes
    Iconoclasm Yes
    Iconoclasm Layout Maker Yes
    Iconsupport Yes
    iControl No No effect
    iFile Yes
    Imperium No
    InfiniBoard Yes
    InfiniDock Yes
    InfiniFolders Yes
    Infinite Tweet Yes
    InfoPage Yes
    Insomnia Yes
    IntelliscreenX Semiworking
    iPicMyContacts Yes
    iProtect Yes
    iSHSHit Yes
    iSlideText No Causes respring loop.
    KillBackground Yes
    LibDisplayStack Yes
    LibHide Yes
    LibStatusBar Yes
    Libweather No Causes respring loop.
    LinkOpener Yes
    LinkSafe Yes
    LiveClock No Causes safe mode.
    LocationHolic Yes
    Lock Seconds Yes
    LockInfo No Causes safe mode/springboard and crash
    Lockscreen Clock Hide Yes
    LockSpring Yes
    Lunar Calendar For NC Yes
    MageStrike Yes
    MobileSubstrate Yes
    MobileTerminal Yes
    MobileVids No
    MultiIconMover Yes
    MusicTV Yes
    MxTube Yes
    My3G Yes
    MyWi 5 No
    Navigate From Maps Semiworking
    No Lockscreen Camera Yes
    No Page Dots Yes
    NoCameraGrabber Yes
    NoWiggle Yes
    NowListening No
    NowNow Yes
    Octopus keyboard Yes
    OmniStat for NC Yes
    OneByOne Contacts No Crashes when using kill app
    OneByOne Safari Yes
    Open In Chrome No No effect
    OpenSSH Yes
    Organizr Yes
    PasswordPilot Yes
    PasswordPilot Pro Yes
    PDANet No Will deactivate your phone.
    PerPageHTML+ No
    Personal Hotspot Toggle Yes
    PhotoAlbums+ Yes
    Plugged In Yes
    Poof Semiworking
    PowerDown for QuickDo Yes
    Powerguard No
    PowerIcons No
    PowerSoundDisabler Yes
    Protube Yes
    ProTube 2 Yes
    Protube HD Yes
    Pull To Refresh For Safari No
    Remove Badges Yes
    RestoreTab for Safari Yes
    RushPlayer+ Yes
    Safari Download Enabler Yes
    Safari Download Manager Yes
    Safari Upload Enabler Yes
    SBSettings Yes No airplane mode
    SBVolume Yes
    ScreenDimmer Yes
    ScreenSplitr Yes
    Springtomize 2 Yes
    TapSong Yes
    Termfile Yes
    Tetherme Yes
    TidySpring Yes
    UK Weather Yes
    VoiceActivator Yes
    Volume Step Yes
    Zephyr Yes
    WiFi Booster Yes
    iAPFree 3.2.1

Guys, this is a very long list @@ Please tell me if any of these apps/tweaks compatibility need to be update, also, any contributions to expand the list would be welcome.
Please follow or say thanks atleast if you find this useful.


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